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The Edwin Black Show

Thursdays, 3:00pm–4:00pm ET

From Washington, DC via Zoom, the award-winning New York Times bestselling investigative author of IBM and the Holocaust, War Against the Weak, and Financing the Flames probes our turbulent history, our tense present, and our evolving future with distinguished guests and cohosts—and then takes your questions from anywhere in the world. Nothing is off-limits.

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Next show: July 9, 2020 at 3:00pm ET.

Upcoming Shows

July 16, 2020, Episode 18: Whiskey & Wine: The word whiskey (derived from the Gaelic uisce beatha) means “water of life.” Stalwart whiskey aficionados Zalmi Unsdorfer in London, Josh London in Washington DC, Sheldon Freilich in Detroit, Covenant Wines vintner Jeff Morgan in San Francisco, and others join Edwin to battle it out with their favorites for taste satisfaction and supremacy—and then delve into the startling geopolitics of enjoyment.

July 9, 2020, Episode 17: Tarnished Icons: Woodrow Wilson, Confederate generals, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Thomas Watson, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson. Institutional names and national legacies everywhere are being challenged and in some cases abandoned. Who deserves to be cancelled? Which statues should stay and which should go—and where? Who decides—and how? Join Edwin as he addresses these questions and more in another unforgettable episode.